How to stay Sane while Single during cuffing season?


1.Stay busy – When you are constantly doing things you have no time to mope about how lonely you are .You will also be to sleep at the end of the day instead of daydreaming about someone to cuddle with.

2.Go on a dating site/app- Make a soul swipe or tinder and swipe right a few times. This will give you someone to text at the very least !

3.Go out and get turnt- Ok so you don’t have to get turnt BUT go out every chance you get. Enjoy being single and meeting people . Whether you go to the club or just the movies. You never know what is out there for you if you don’t explore!

4. NO DRAKE- Well definitely remove the old drake off of your playlist if you are feeling lonely and have the relationship bug. Drake will have you in your feelings about a girl/guy you never even had!!

5.Don’t be afraid of a onetime causal date or hookup – Right now is the time you can do whatever you want with no one on your back . YOU ARE FREE and only have to account for yourself. So if you need some good lovin and Michael/Brittney from the bar you met is attractive. Just go for it. As long as you are safe and responsible, you have got nothing to lose.

6.Don’t 3rd wheel it- No matter how many times your friends say you will not feel like a third wheel.. you will! No better way to make yourself hate being single than being around other relationships.

7.Single company- Get together with your single friends and if you don’t have any , make some! Single doesn’t feel so bad when the people around you are too.

6.Spoil yourself – Get a massage or binge watch Netflix with a pint of ice-cream. Focus on you. Use this time to figure out exactly what you want in the future. Treat yourself like a queen/king so you expect nothing less from someone else.

7.Better yourself- Think about all the ways you can improve yourself. Look at passed relationships and figure out how you can grow. Be independent.

8.Just remember you won’t be single forever . Take advantage .


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