Would you be a side piece?

What is a sidepiece?

A side piece is a male or female that dates or has sexual relations with someone who is already in a committed relationship. In order to be a true sidepiece you must know about the person’s other committed relationship and be okay with .

Why be a sidepiece?

When you are a side piece I feel one of these situations is happening…

  1. You are only interested in sex and have eyes for one particular person to satisfy those needs- If you only want sex and you feel you are really attracted to a certain person for whatever reason ; them being in a relationship isn’t that much of an issue because you are not interested in anything serious with this person. You might feel bad here and there for the person they are in relationship with and disappointed in yourself. However you just remind yourself it is just sex and you are not truly the one in the wrong.

2. You under appreciate yourself- If you like someone so much that you will take them any way you can , it’s not safe . You should only invest in someone that is willing to invest the same in you . No matter how many times they have said they need you and eventually things will work out they probably don’t feel that way because you are still on the back burner. Never feel like someone owes you only half of their attention or you are not good enough to show off to everyone .A person like that will truly toxify you and tarnish how you feel about yourself .If you really like someone and want to deal with them like that , it needs to be you and only you . Otherwise they aint shit 🙂

3.You are a side and don’t even know it – Dealing with someone that talks a big game and great every now and then buttttt they stay disappearing randomly and flakes on you a lot ???  You have an idea something is up but you just assume they playing games. This situation is the worst because you probably really don’t know you are a side until the damage is done. DO NOT CONTINUE DEALING WITH THEM IF YOU FIND OUT PLEASE BECAUSE THEY HAD NO INTENTIONS OF TELLING YOU OR CHANGING ANYTHING. CUT THEM OFF(CUT IT , CUT IT …)

People are out here really getting good with juggling folks. I had a friend who dated a guy and truly liked him, spent a lot of time with him, and thought they were serious…. until she got a text from his girlfriend months later …….Yes he was juggling two whole ass relationships  , and doing it well ! smh ,I would have been jugglin my fist in his ass too:).

Why have a side piece?

1.Because You ain’t shit . lmao

2.You greedy

3.You’re sick

4.You really are caught in between two people you really like and this way you dont have to choose.

5.You don’t know how to cut off the relationship you are in because you don’t want to hurt the other person but are ready to move on.

How to maintain a sidepiece? 

  1. Good lord, don’t mix up their names
  2. Don’t tell to many of your friends you got a sidepiece.
  3. Save your side piece name as “cousin tommy/cousin susie” in your phone.
  4. Email your side piece not snap message . ONLY the craziest of the craziest will look to the email for snooping.
  5. Get a schedule together . Gotta be extra and organized if you not trying to get caught.
  6. Get yo greedy ass a cookie and sit down with one person.


When being a side piece goes wrong ?

1.You catch real feelings, but you are truly just a side piece to the person .

2.The real boo finds out about you and end up being crazy and causing problems in your life.

3.You start to feeling insecure

4.You get caught and people judge you but not the person that is in the wrong . smh