My Workout Routine .(Getting back in it)

After days and days of saying I need to go to they gym, TODAY I FINALLY MADE IT THERE!

Personally I have been an athlete for so long that physically my body has not changed much in the past months although I have not worked out but I am very out of shape! The gym kicked my ass and I was taking a break more than I was working out . Back to the point below is my simple workout routine to get me back in the flow of getting back in the best shape.

  1. WARM . IT . UP ! – You can do this on any cardio machine(stair master, bike, elliptical, or treadmill.) I prefer treadmill for about 5-7 minutes . Start walking and progress to a jog.
  2. Circuits -I Avoid heavy weight lifting when just starting back and a good way to do this is circuit work . Today I did squat jumps , lunge jumps, step ups on a box, mountain climbers(pushup position) and burpees. The most effective way to benefit by these is to do them all the way through with as minimal rest . Rest at the end of the complete circuit . You can do each exercise in number reps(15 squats) or time reps(squats for 30 seconds) .
  3. ABSS ! – I have crazy back problems and a part of that is my weak core , so I NEED abs bad. Best ab drills to do – PLANKS, SITUPS, BICYCLES, AND LEGLIFTS.
  4.  Cardio…Again- 10-20 minute cardio workout .
  5. Cool down – STRETCH THEM MUSCLES .
  6. SUANA or Steamroom- I love the sauna ! I feel so good after , the perfect way to end a workout .

Make sure you fuel your body as well folks .

P.s- I wrote this post while eating a slice of cheesecake with chocolate sauce . smh