“Dear White People”…thoughts

** Although I speak slightly on race relations, I do not intend to offend anyone. ***

I will first start by saying the cinematography on this series is beautifully done and so appropriate. When not wowed by stunning visuals I was blown way by the satirical and brilliant verbiage. The show had an effortless was of merging controversial events with entertaining character plots/story lines. I loved the show and was truly in awe by the overall flow, story,performances, conflicts, and seriously amazing cinematography . YALL DOWN TO THE EPISODE INTROS WITH THE HIGHLIGHTED CHARACTER !!!SUCH A SMALL TOUCH, BUT TOO GOOD. Ok I will chill on the CAPS. for now.

As much as I could talk about reasons why I love the show, I really wanted to emerge myself as unbiased as possible in the question:Why were “people” so mad/offended by it?


Wish comfort was considered in the 3rd review . Sheesh . A few examples of the mad/offended I am referring to below .(and these are the nice ones….)

The show was unfunny and shows white people as these “Hating black-face wearing racist party animals”. -IMDB

Not all white people are racist jackasses, that is a HUGE generalization. – Instagram

There should be a show called Dear Black People . -Instagram

The opening scene is about some black people getting overly angry that some white people at their own party in their own home are dressed and wearing face paint in a way that offends them. As if their opinion is even slightly relevant, as if people don’t have the right to dress how they like in their own home. -IMDB

Even before Netflix officially premiered Dear White People on April 28, the series was facing controversy, claiming that the show was “anti-white” and calling for a Netflix boycott. – Teen Vogue

I have read a shameful amount of comments on instagram, an overload of imdb reviews, and an overwhelming amount of snippets from articles that overflow with the anger and offense felt from this show . Someone literally said they cancelled their netflix; Overdramatic much .

Real quick , let me remind everyone that the main character is half white and half black. The main character who is one of the most vocal of the black movement has a white love interest . One of the nicest and caring characters is white!! These things are not done on accident , it is yelling at the viewer to take off their “be mad at white people glasses” and put on your “here are some things that cause the tension, maybe by seeing it and even getting a laugh out of it, it will stop and we can be on the same page” glasses .

Another thing I would like to address is the way people talk about the scenarios as if they were written from someones imagination or it’s some scifi worthy premise. How is it trying to “make” something racist when it is based off of completely real things that happen .(YOU CAN CHECK OUT SOME PHOTOS FROM REAL-LIFE PARTIES THAT INSPIRED THE SHOWS EVENTS IN THE PHOTOS.) If you are upset at the things that happen in the show ….welcome to the point.

Let me be clear , YES , IF I WAS WHITE and I heard the title I may feel some type of way . However , black people are expected to get passed slavery , so I know we can all get passed the title. Also, to be fair the show is called “Dear white People” not “Dear every single white person walking this earth.” So lets all relax on the “this makes every white person look bad and is so racist” notion . Far as being generalized , it sucks, I know first hand , but this show does not do that and is not intended too .

If only those saying the show is racist and “adding to the divide” actually watched the show they may feel different . While watching the show I actually truly appreciated the fair narrative they gave to the white characters. For example , (MAY BE SPOILERS***) Episode 5(My favorite) a white character says the “N” word in the context of a song and was asked by a black character to not say it regardless the context. In a “racist” narrative the character could have easily been made out to be the “bad guy” and “racist” by ignoring the request and not caring. However he argued that he was just saying it because he was singing the song and there was no bad intention. The show allows both sides to be heard in a fair manner without trying to force someone in the wrong; but instead even asking us to maybe sympathize. Even I , someone Black, had to question the situation because I was able to see two sides to one scenario. You guys follow me or did that make no sense? lol

The show is an opportunity to face the racial tension. A chance for someone white to face a perspective of the minority side, a chance for someone to face their blackness and what it means in a white influenced world, the chance to face what it is like to be gay . Follow a story , understand it, sympathize with it, and accept it.

What if there was a show called “Dear Black People”? There is . Every time a black actor among st a predominately white production is only cast as the thug, gangster, convict, slave, black friend, or black boyfriend. Every another officer is let off for murder.

What if there was a show called “Dear Hispanics, Dear Muslims, Dear Gay people, Dear Women”? There is . It is called the “2016 Presidential Election”.




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